ZOSI CCTV Camera 960P Outdoor Bullet IP Cam

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ZOSI CCTV Camera is a budget-winner with ONVIF support

Get past the modest 960P recording resolution and you can pick up a cheap ONVIF-compatible CCTV camera for less than £30.

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ZOSI CCTV cameras are low-range, simple budget IP cameras made by ZOSI Tech. In a way, the range is a nod back to IP cameras from several years ago, with modest resolutions, and humble specs to match.

Reviewed here is a ZOSI CCTV cameara with a 1.3MP sensor, basic IR night-vision capability and a straightforward, separate network and power connectivity – there’s no Power-over-Ethernet support on this camera.

buold quality is decent enough, and the large metal shorud over the unit does lend it better weather protection. This CCTV camera is designed for outdoor usage: think over a front door, or watching an alleyway. Although equally you could mount this ZOSI CCTV indoors, if you don’t mind the clunky styling.

ZOSI so-so specs

For less than £30 you get an IP camera with a 3.6mm lens, 70-degree viewing angle, 960p resolution, IR LEDs for night-vision and waterproofing for external usage.

You don’t get a PSU with the unit, which is useful given that most people can re-use 2A supplies from other CCTV hardware, or will have a matching supply in a drawer somewhere. You can of course buy a supply from ZOSI themselves, but it is adding to the cost.

The real selling point on this little ZOSI CCTV cameras is the ONVIF standard support. ONVIF is a set of protocols and standards for video surveillance equipment. ONVIF compatible products can talk and inter-operate with other ONVIF products, ensuring that a camera from one manufacturer can be detected as a video stream on a Network Video Recorder from another manufacturer.

This ZOSI CCTV camera be connected to a home network, set an IP address, and then used as a video stream source for software like Zoneminder or Blue Iris, or for products like Survellance Station from Synology. ONVIF compatibility gives this camera much more flexibility than equivalent, closed-garden products like a NEST camera.


ZOSI CCTV picture quality

In day light, the picture quality for the ZOSI CCTV camera I had a play with was very decent. The colours are washed out with a slight blue tint, but this can be corrected in post-image processing if you wanted to.

Range for reading a number plate in good light is about 30-feet. Bear in mind though that the low-light performance of this camera is not great. Recordings will show activations and intrusions, and associated timings. You’d be lucky to identify someone from a night-vision capture on a ZOSI CCTV – this is true on all but the top-end surveillance cameras.

The big seller on this ZOSI CCTV is the ONVIF support. If you can catch it on a special deal, you can save even more. ZOSI cameras can be a great way to supplement or expand an existing CCTV system, especially if you use custom software or an ONVIF compatible NVR.

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ZOSI CCTV Camera 960P Outdoor Bullet IP Cam