Zmodo Camera System Review

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Zmodo Camera System Delivers Bonkers value!

Strange name, super 4x IP cam CCTV kit that won't break the bank. Software is passable - if you want a better interface, bump up your budget.

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Zmodo camera system – who the heck are Zmodo?

In this Zmodo review, we will refrain from saying ‘Zmodo’ with a faux German-accent – “Zee mowwwdo iz a fine budget kamera system!”

Like the Annke system or the even cheaper Sannce CCTV kit, this Zmodo IP camera system offers exceptional value for a CCTV camera bundle.

Again, four – yes FOUR – outdoor POE IP Zmodo camera are supplied with ethernet cabling to run back to a wonderful 1TB NVR unit.

Zmodo camera system makes it hard for me to say ‘No’

This is hard for me to say. But I am starting to like these super-budget CCTV cam systems. Plenty of people complain that CCTV cameras are over-priced. A hundred pounds for one lousy IP cam! And you only get 3MP!

Dedicated surveillance cameras are more than a sensor and lens duck-taped to a circuit board. Yet manufacturers really aren’t pushing hard to compete on value-for-money.

And then you have this Zmodo CCTV kit.

You get four-channel IP camera system for your quartet of 720p resolution outdoor Zmodo camera. These IP cams use newer technology than traditional CCTV cameras like a Sannce kit. They look the business too. At any distance, I would challenge an expert to guess the brand.Zmodo POE surveillance camera system

If you’ve got a surveillance system, sometimes subtle doesn’t cut it.

The camera mounts a simple metal ball-and-socket joint. I normally prefer something more substantial than these plastic-metal combos.

However, once the Zmodo cameras are installed, they are very secure.

Zee Zmodo camera and zee storage

The Zmodo amazingly comes bundled with it’s own NVR.

Normally, I recommend getting a custom NVR for a home CCTV system. Wifi your surveillance video stream to a NAS on your network. Better still, get a Synology or spare PC set up for video capture duties.

Zmodo though – what are you doing to me? A 1TB / terabyte of storage in a neat little Zmodo NVR box. No faffing with POE relays and fancy network switches. Plug in the cameras, and set the IP cams to record and overwrite that terabyte.

You’ll get a month or so worth of surveillance footage. If some creep sneaks around your back garden, you’ve got the evidence.

Or you might catch a car hydroplaning?

Why spend thousands on CCTV when this Zmodo camera system just works?

If it deters one moron from attacking your property, it has paid for itself.

Zee less good Zmodo camera system bits

What’s not to like about the Zmodo?

As always, user-friendliness suffers in these budget CCTV systems. Plug the NVR box into your router, and you still need a monitor with VGA to setup your recording.

Other IP cam companies are doing all this via apps now.

Motion detection setup is reported to be dicey. Night vision is passable. Notifications for motion events might not be 100% consistent. Zmodo apps let you watch your cameras live. The stream can drop out, and the Zmodo site is support-light.

If you require 100% software reliability, the Zmodo system may not meet the grade. If I’m monitoring my a holiday caravan six hours away, I don’t want to drive there to reboot my CCTV system.

For a four camera IP system, with a 1TB NVR, cables and decent surveillance functions out of the box, Zmodo delivers outstanding value.

This is home CCTV system to act as a deterrent, 24hr monitor, and a video evidence store in case there’s a break-in, and for less than the price of a new window.

Well done Zmodo!