Zmodo 720p Outdoor Wireless IP Camera

6.9 Total Score
Zmodo 720P IP Camera Verdict

Great little starter IP cam with 720P, night-vision, PoE and ready to mount outside, although the Zmodo support is average.

User Rating: 2.55 (8 votes)

Just how much value is packed into the Zmodo 720P wireless IP camera at this price point?

We’ve looked at the Zmodo camera plus NVR kits previously and were impressed by the features on offer at a stonking price.

Check out the user reviews on Amazon for this individual Zmodo 720P IP cam and prepare for the hyperbole. Zmodo seem to have packed a few extra positive reviews into their Amazon listing, but can a camera this cheap really deliver everything the home CCTV buyer ever dreamed of?


Zmodo 720P Pleasing Feature Set

So these Zmodo IP cams are cheap for starters. For much less than £100, we’re firmly in Foscam-rival territory here.

Spec-wise, we’ve certainly got the specs that please most home users. The camera delivers 1280×720 resolution, and it seems a little silly for other manufacturers to persist in sub-720P offerings these days.

Picture quality is OK. There’s 720P and there’s 720P and the optics in the Zmodo leave something to be desired. For the price though, you’re still getting a solid image, but minus the detail and subtlety you might see on your phone camera.

You can mount the Zmodo outside, it has good IR range for night vision and the basic setup using the Zmodo apps is easy enough.

Barring disasters, you can start viewing the feed through the Zviewer app in a few minutes, but things get a bit complicated at this point.

Zmodo 720P IP CameraZmodo 720P IP Cam – The Bad and Ugly

For a DIY job, it’s not easy putting up these Zmodo cameras. The fixing mount on the base errs on the side of ‘simple to the point of crap’. Your IP cam will stay up, but it’s not the dictionary definition of robust.

Again, these Zmodo 720P jobs come with an uber simple adjustment socket. Again, easy to adjust with a single screw, but not really rock solid.

Next up is the silly short power cable. Fine for setting up next to your computer. Stick it on a wall outside, and you’ll need an extension cord, which is another expense.

Once the camera is up, you can use the wonky Zmodo app to view your footage over your home network. Simple things are done adequately, so the Zmodo 720P will merrily snap images motion detection and ping them to your email.

Try anything more complicated, and Zmodo make it real hard to get simple functions to work. Logging in to the cam via a browser seems to require Internet Explorer and a silly plugin. Really – no Chrome or Safari?

The Zviewer app is fine when it works. Remote viewing is ropey, and there are reports of Zmodo apps relying on Chinese DNS servers which is less than ideal. There’s no real support for recording, other than going the full the NVR route. These Zmodo cams also won’t play nicely with a NAS or local file storage.

If you want more control and local recording, some users opt for Blue Iris or iSpy surveillance software. Again though, this is an extra expense, and may prove a bit annoying for the average home user.

Zmodo 720P Wireless Outdoor IP Camera Conclusion

Good specs and a low price, the Zmodo 720P IP cam is fine as a modest CCTV deterrent. They look the business, you get image snaps email notifications, and the live viewing is of adequate quality.

However the software is minimal, customisation options are limited, and Zmodo makes it difficult to point your security video streams wherever you need to.

For full surveillance and remote monitoring, the Zmodo setup is a bit of a pain, and you may as well fork out the extra and get a proper Hikvision cam and start building up  a solid surveillance system to last.

Don’t take my word for it – there’s lots more reviews to help you make up your mind.



  • Cheap
  • 720P
  • Cheap


  • Shoddy software
  • Buggy apps
  • Meh build quality