SANNCE CCTV Review – Budget All-In-One Security Camera Kit

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Sannce CCTV Security Kit Verdict

Sannce have crammed enough pixels and storage into an amazing budget package to keep most security-conscious homeowners satisfied

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Sannce CCTV kits are a left-field offering in a crowded home surveillance market.

Want a 4-camera CCTV system with a 1TB DVR for less than £160?

Where this home CCTV system differs from budget competitors like Annke and Zmodo is in the underlying tech.

Sannce CCTV relies on traditional closed-circuit TV feeds running at 960H instead of streaming digital video data from IP cams.

The technology is older and the camera resolution is a nudge down from other super hi-res CCTV options. You know what though? At this price point, forget the fancier technology. Your neighbours won’t know the difference when they see your new Sannce CCTV system.

Are you a homeowner looking to protect your property on a budget? This Sannce kit looks the business, offers on-site video storage, and won’t break the bank.

Sannce CCTV comes with 1TB storage

Sannce CCTV 960h 900TVL cameraSannce CCTV kits in this 8ch 960h resolution variant give you oodles of kit for your money.

First up is the DVR, a recording unit about the same size as a DVD player. All your cameras feed this unit. Somehow Sannce have packed a 1TB drive into the package whilst still under-cutting the price on their budget CCTV rivals.

For you, this means weeks of local surveillance video storage included in the price. If you really want to, you can wedge a huge 4TB replacement drive in too. Beware the more expensive offerings from big-names like Belkin and Netgear. Their cameras might look good on paper but they do carry hidden costs, especially with expensive Cloud-based subscriptions in order to watch your streams remotely.

Great system and does the job.


Sannce CCTV kits offer video storage and review out of the box. You are not obliged to pay expensive monthly subscriptions for remote viewing. You won’t need to buy a separate NVR or storage NAS to network your camera feeds.

For peace-of-mind and a good-looking CCTV system, why pay the extra if you don’t need to?

Does the Sannce CCTV give a good picture?

Included with the 1TB DVR are FOUR 960h cameras. In some places these cameras are referred to as 1000TVL cams, and ‘TVL’ stands for ‘Televison Lines’.

These cameras actually record up to 960 pixels horizontally. For analogue cameras like this Sannce CCTV, all the talk about TVL numbers is a bit of a fudge. The cameras can pack more horizontal lines in to an image, but the vertical resolution is tied to the DVR software. In reality, there isn’t always a huge difference in image quality as you add more TVL, and a lot depends on the lens quality.

So Sannce CCTV opts not to use IP cameras, unlike this 720p Annke kit. You are buying older CCTV tech, but this is reflected in the price.

Regardless, you can capture some tidy footage with analog cams. Take a look at this 900TVL sample below:

900TVL CCTV sample image like the Sannce CCTV resolution

Sannce CCTV box contents

The Saance CCTV cameras look smart, and are indistinguishable from IP cameras at a distance. I prefer the matt black finish over white plastic. A few years in the sun and rain leaves white cameras looking grubby.

They’re weatherproof too, and can be mounted outside a property or indoors. For extra protection, you can pack the camera inside a plastic CCTV housing, and you might consider this if you’re close to the sea for example.

Each camera runs a video cable back to the DVR unit, and you get about 18m or 60ft of video cable to play with. Extensions are cheap to buy and easy to fit. The cameras are powered by a separate PSU unit with 4-way splitter. Again, the power cables are abut 60ft long, and you can buy extensions if needed.

There’s no monitor in the box, and you’ll need a separate HDMI cable to hook the DVR up to your TV.

Sannce CCTV

No IP cam networking? Yes please!

The great thing about kits like this Sannce CCTV system is how easy they are to setup.

IP cameras connected to your home network via Wifi or ethernet cables do need some love and attention. Trouble-shooting a networked IP camera requires basic knowledge of network protocols and addressing.

Sannce’s budget systems are designed to work together. Simple though the cameras may be, it makes installation a simpler. You even get a remote control and mouse to operate the DVR playback.

Plug a monitor into your DVR unit and you can see live camera feeds. Note you can only view two camera feeds at a time, although the DVR supports recording for up to 8-channels. If you can setup a DVD player with your TV, I think you’ll manage a Sannce CCTV. Be warned that the instructions are pretty meagre, although Sannce support via Amazon are pretty good.

You can programme the cameras only to record when motion is detected. Email notifications can be pinged through to a programmable email address.

You can even view your Sannce video streams away from home. Apps for mobile phones act as the interface, so check out SmartHDP2P (iOS) or vMEyeCloud (Android). There are lots of alternatives, and most support setup using a QR code on the Sannce CCTV box.

Bear in mind, this feature can be trickier to setup. If remote viewing is a critical feature for you, seriously consider a more expensive system from a manufacturer like TRENDnet or a Hikvision with a matching NVR. Bigger companies invest more heavily in creating reliable, remote viewing solutions.

Sannce CCTV bottomline

A Sannce CCTV kit costs less than £160, and you get a 1TB DVR with 4x 960H cameras and all your cables.

Personally, these Sannce CCTV kits are perfect for DIY CCTV buyers. All you need is a decent sized masonry drill bit to get the cables through your walls. Four cameras is enough to cover most access points to an average-sized house.

You’ll squeeze almost a month of video recording from the 1TB DVR. And the cameras, although not super-high resolution, are good enough to identify a scumbag in the daytime, or alert you to intruders snooping about at night.

What you lose in advanced features on this Sannce CCTV is more than compensated for by the superb value.



  • Cheap
  • Looks good


  • Older technology
  • Mediocre software

Saance CCTV technical specs

  • Video Input / Output: BNC 8CH / BNC 1CH
  • Audio Input / Output: RCA 1CH / RCA 1CH
  • Display Frame Rate: PAL D1@25FPS
  • Recording Frame Rate: PAL 960H@12FPS
  • Monitor Output: HDMI / BNC / VGA port
  • Support up to 4TB HDD (1 internal SATA HDD port)
  • 1/3″ Color CMOS Image Sensor
  • Super 960H compatibility / 900TV Line Horizontal
  • Build in IR-Cut Filter, Color on day/ switch to B&W at night
  • Built in 4.6mm Lens for wide view angle
  • Bullet Camera: 42 Infrared LEDs Night vision up to 110ft
  • Operation Temperature: 14F~122F
  • Weatherproof: yes