Nest Cam Review

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Nest Cam Review Verdict - Nest Is Best

Great design, super picture and ultra-easy to setup - the Nest Cam is an indoor IP camera done right. Buy one now!

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  • Amazing 1080p recording
  • Design is gorgeous
  • Two-way audio works a treat


  • Expensive
  • Subscription model for recording
  • Expensive (again)

Nest Cam stand indoor camera

Nest Cam Design

The Nest Cam is gorgeous. Rather than opting for another ugly plastic lollipop, Nest have actually got a real-life design team to create an indoor webcam you actually wouldn’t mind seeing in your home.

Most other indoor IP cams were designed in an engineer’s lunch break on a bad Monday.

The Nest Cam is a svelte, sexy grey camera that looks more like a Danish coffee table accessory. A single power cord runs up the back, and there’s no Wifi aerial sticking out like a sore thumb.

The flared base makes for a sturdy support for the webcam. You’d be surprised how many other indoor IP cam manufacturers create top-heavy cameras that topple in a slight breeze.

And wowzers, the Nest Cam can even be mounted on the wall, with a real-life, actually designed wall-mounting system. Why doesn’t every indoor camera company do this? The base makes it easy to pose and adjust the Nest Cam, although the lens angle is so wonderfully wide, getting the picture you want is easy.

Nest Cam Features

1080p video. 30 fps. The Nest Cam doesn’t muck around with weird aspect ratios or incremental resolution bumps between models. It records at 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is proper HD – hallelujah!

The picture is fantastic, and the high-quality infra-red LEDs give you great night-vision. This is the baby monitor to get. This is the pet camera to get. The Nest Cam works in no-light, bright-light and everything in-between.

Nest Cam can listen AND let you talk to whoever is in the field-of-view. Speaker and microphone both give you top-notch audio options, so you can sing your kids to sleep from the other side of the world, or listen to your kittens purring when you’re at work. This isn’t rocket science, try, but it is so, so good to see a company offer simple, high quality two-way audio on an indoor IP cam.

The Nest Cam is wireless so after initial setup, your video stream is secure and encrypted across your Wifi network. No faffing with IP addresses, no cable horror at the back of the unit. One power cable. Job done.

One day, even that final power cable will be made redundant. We can but dream…


Nest Cam Apps

So swanky design and spot-on specs – but do the Nest Cam apps deliver a user experience to match?

Oh. Yes.

Setup is sweet, with a Bluetooth / quick code method compatible with most iPhones and Android handsets. Log in to your Nest account via the app, scan the code with your phone’s camera, and connect the Nest Cam to your Wifi network.

You can watch the video stream in glorious 1080p HD-goodness, set activity zones, and programme alerts depending on your requirements.

The Nest Cam uploads your video footage straight to the Cloud. Its secure, private but you need a solid internet connection to handle the stream. Nest operate a subscription model for viewing and reviewing your footage, if this is a feature you need, and the monthly cost is less than a couple of pints and a packet of crisps.

For the Nest Cam looks, quality and outstanding ease-of-use, I’ll happily fork out the extra.

A great indoor IP cam, the asking price of the Nest Cam is high compared to the competition. However it’s so good, and completely obliterates the competition, especially in the lacklustre baby monitor market.

The Nest Cam is a hell of an indoor camera.