Motorola Focus 66 Review

6.9 Total Score
Motorola Focus 66 Review Verdict

Good little indoor camera package from Motorola at a sensible price - the Focus 66 would also suit as a handy baby / pet monitor.

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  • Cheap
  • Wireless
  • Easy Cloud storage


  • Subscription plan for some uses
  • Picture could be better
  • Not a Nest Cam

The Motorola Focus 66 is not a bad looker, and has enough¬†features if you’re looking for an indoor wireless IP camera.

But how does it stack up against fancier contenders like the Nest Cam?

Motorola Focus 66 Features

So, Motorola are pitching this little indoor camera at the home monitor market. Think – keeping an eye on the dog when you’re at work.

The camera can deliver a 720p image. While the picture quality won’t knock your socks off, this is reflected in the price. The camera has a night-vision mode – again, don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed.

The Motorola Focus 66 is built around motion detection events, and the feature is reliable. If anything moves into the field of view, the camera starts recording.

The camera is wireless, so once your setup with the Hubble app (see below), you’ll receive a push notification to alert you to events. Wireless setup is easy on the Focus 66, and it has some nice additional features like a temperature sensor and 2-way audio chat.

It will work very nicely as a baby monitor, as you can keep a livestream recording and check it from your Hubble app.

Motorola Focus 66 and the Hubble App

Unfortunately for some people, there is no option to record your Focus 66 footage to a memory card or local storage.

However, if this is a feature you won’t need, you can trust the Hubble apps and associated Cloud storage plans – see¬†

Streaming and manual recording is free, but if you want to take advantage of motion events, you pay for the privilege. Motorola are kind of clever here – if you’re using the Motorola Focus 66 as a security camera inside your home, you’ll want to view those motion events.


As a live IP camera continuously monitoring a home area, the Focus 66 is a winner. And for a small subscription for the next year, you get a slick, Cloud-based storage solution.

It’s Plug-and-Play, almost, and a great, simple option as home monitor for beginners.

If you have the cash though and really want an awesome indoor camera, put the Nest Cam on your Christmas list.