Kare CCTV Review

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Perfect for the budget CCTV buyer

If you have a small business or home and want an economical, all-in-one CCTV system, check out the Kare CCTV. Not a big name, but the tech is solid, resolution good, and includes a 1TB DVR with all the cables you need.

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Get a Kare CCTV and forget about the more expensive surveillance options. Decent picture, professional-looking cameras, and a 1TB DVR unit bundled for less than £180.

Kare CCTV – Cheap as Chips

Let’s not beat around the bush – this Kare CCTV is cheap.

The build quality is OK, the DVR quality is OK, and the image quality is – you guessed it – really, really OK.

But this Kare CCTV review isn’t looking at this system as a competitor to smart Hikvision or TRENDnet IP cams, or the high-end options from the likes of Netgear.

You’re a economical buyer. You want to protect your property or small business with an affordable, all-in-one, Plug and Play CCTV kit.

And really, there’s very little wrong with a Kare CCTV kit, given the value you’re buying for less than £180.

Kare CCTV – Everything In The Box

These CCTV kits are very common in the Far East, and there are numerous re-badges and brands floating around. Like the Sannce kit we reviewed previously, this Kare CCTV is built around older CCTV tech than the newer IP cameras.

With the bundle here, you get four cameras capable of delivering a 1280×720 resolution picture to the DVR. As time passes and prices change, Kare and their competitors bundle slightly different spec cams with the DVR.

This kit comes with two 3.6mm lens cameras (good for wide-angle views) and two 6.0mm lens cameras (better for tighter angles on locations).

Cameras are connected back to the DVR using simple BNC connectors. You get four 60ft cable runs in the box, which is sufficient for a medium-sized property. Extensions can be bought at any Maplins or online. A four-way DC splitter is used to power the cameras and DVR.

The DVR has a 1TB hard drive installed, a power unit, remote control and mouse. Build-quality is as expected, so I wouldn’t stand on the DVR.

However the design of the Kare CCTV cameras in particular is solid – they are conspicuous bullet cameras, and a would-be criminal won’t tell the difference from bigger name brands at a distance.

Kare CCTV – Perfect for Small Businesses?

A Kare CCTV system is a great buy for small businesses on a tight budget. If you want to add surveillance to your shop or garage, this is a cheap, all-in-one CCTV kit that will do the job.

The image resolution is serviceable. You won’t be identifying people at a hundred paces on a moon-less night. These cameras, if positioned correctly, will let you recognise a shoplifter or send you a motion-alert if someone is mucking about behind your garage.

Kare CCTV Review - Image Sample

With a terabyte of storage, you’ll get about two-weeks of recording from four cameras before the DVR starts overwriting the old footage.

Setup is straightforward enough – we’re talking, don’t bother with the instructions, just plug stuff in and start pressing buttons. You’ll need a VGA monitor or similar to connect to the DVR, but otherwise everything is in the box.

The Kare CCTV DVR has a basic interface where you can setup motion detection, resolution and review your footage. You can plug an external hard drive into the USB slot and download video which is really useful.

Third-party apps can be used to remote view your cameras. Setup is easy enough, depending on your app of choice. Stick in the serial number on your cameras, and a P2P connection streams the video to your phone.

Bear in mind you can’t review recorded footage this way, only check the livestreams. It’s particularly useful if you’ve set up motion alerts and need to see what’s happening.

Kare CCTV Review - Rear View

Kare CCTV Review Conclusion

This Kare CCTV review hasn’t had much negative to say about this system, because you are getting exactly what you pay for. Domestic CCTV installers use this Kare CCTV kits for nhome installations and you can see why. The Kare CCTV cameras look the part, take a decent picture, and the system as awhile is cost-effective.

If you want to expand the system later, your options are limited. If you want more than four cameras, plan ahead and buy them all now.

Functionality is limited to the pre-installed interface on the DVR. If you want to tinker, flash new firmwares, or record footage to a NAS, then don’t bother with the Kare CCTV.

If you’re a budget-conscious buyer, looking for a reasonably priced four-camera CCTV kit to deter crime and monitor a home or business, for £180 the Kare CCTV system delivers in spades.


Kare CCTV Review : Specifications

  • Indoor or outdoor camera usage with weather resistant housing
  • Wall or ceiling mount
  • 1/4″ Color SONY CCD sensor
  • 6.0mm lens
  • 12 IR LEDs with night vision to 50ft / 15m
  • Weather Resistant Housing
  • Video Connector: BNC
  • Power Connector: RCA 12V DC
  • Signal System: PAL/NTSC
  • DVR 24/7 record for 16 days+ on 1TB HD
  • H.264 video compression codec
  • Preview capture, playback capture, multianguage support
  • P2P DVR and IP camera only one ID can be seen anywhere
  • Connect to a TV or Monitor
  • Video Input / Output: BNC 8 / BNC 1
  • Audio Input / Output: RCA 2 / RCA 1
  • Alarm Input / Output: RCA 4 / RCA 1
  • Two Type Video Out: TV Monitor BNC Output and PC Monitor VGA Output
  • View Online or on a Smart Phone
  • Remote Access: Internet Explorer or Net viewer Software
  • Easy USB Backup; Continuous Recording; 24/7 Scheduled Recording; Motion Detected Recording;
  • Search by Date, Time or Event; Included Mouse and Remote Control; Continuous Recording; 24/7Scheduled Recording