IP Camera Review Roundup 2015

Foscam C1 IP CameraWith connected home devices cropping up all over the place, and the Internet of Things still a hot topic for 2015, indoor wireless IP cameras are no longer a niche product.

Once the province of a geeks and tech-heads, in 2015 you don’t need a degree in computer science to get your own home surveillance system setup.

Now you can answer those life-changing questions like:

  • Who finished the cereal this morning?
  • What is your baby really doing at 3am in the morning?
  • Does your dog seriously lie there on the doormat all day, waiting for you to come home?

Indoor IP Camera Review : Winning Features

We’ve rounded up our Top 5 IP cameras for in the home.

To be the best,we’re looking for a handful of key features that can really make an IP cam stand out from the crowd.

Resolution is an obvious priority, although cheap IP cameras will use lower quality lenses and sensors, giving you a muddier picture. Spend more, and you get better optics, as with any camera.

Do you want an indoor camera for surveillance or security? If you want to monitor a room throughout the day, this is surveillance, and you need to consider where all this footage will be stored and how you will review it. You can see the Micro SD slot on the D-Link DCS-5222L IP camera

On the other hand, if you want a camera to watch an area and record only when triggered by motion activity, then this is more of a security application. Oodles of local storage are not needed, and you have more choice of camera to meet this purpose.

Most indoor IP cameras are easy to setup. This will limit your options for recording a stream to a NAS or NVR, and it’s the price you pay for a quick installation out of the box.

Cameras from D-link for example give you some flexibility, but the likes of your Nest Cam are pretty much locked down. They’re great at what they do, have fantastic apps, but don’t expect to get creative with 3rd party software and storage.

For many buyers, this is positive!

1080p shot from Hikvision DS-2CD2032-1 IP camFinally, stay legal when installing an indoor IP camera. Tell visitors you may be recording video and audio, and consider your responsibility under the Data Protection Act if you point the camera out at the street or a public place.

You can do what you like in the privacy of your own home, but the law gets murky if you start secretly recording activity outside your house.

Above all, have fun with your indoor IP camera. Get creative with placement, check your footage, and prepare to be surprised – some people catch the weirdest stuff on their home CCTV!

What To Look For In An Indoor IP Camera

  • Resolution : the bigger the better, so long as you have the network bandwidth to take it
  • Ease-of-use : we’re not looking for DARPA-level complexity when setting up an IP camera in the home
  • Aesthetics : superficial, we know, but if a home monitoring camera is in the home, we want it to look good
  • Night-vision performance : a popular feature in IP cameras, often ruined with weak IR LEDs
  • Apps : motion detection, Cloud storage, live-streaming – IP cameras for the home live or die by decent app support

The Indoor IP Camera Review RoundUp Winners

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