Hikvision DS-2CD2132 Dome CCTV For All Seasons

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Hikvision DS-2CD2132 Review Verdict

Great value for money with that Hikvision quality and some thoughtful design behind this IP cam. Hard to think of a better 3MP dome camera.

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The Hikvision DS-2CD2132 shares the same features as it’s bullet brother, the DS-2CD2032-1.

It sports a 3MP sensor that delivers a crisp 2048×1536 pixel resolution for your CCTV footage. Settle for 30fps and the DS-2CD2132will merrily stream 1080p footage to your storage device of choice.

Make sure you have the bandwidth and storage for all that full-resolution footage though.

Hikvision sell these 2CD2132 with different lens variants, depending on your field-of-view requirements. the 2.8mm option will give a you a really wide picture with less detail. Slide up the lens sizes and you get a more detailed, zoomed in view of your target.

You can crack these Hikvision domes open and swap the lens for an aftermarket solution. They aren’t particularly expensive IP cams, so you might save yourself the effort and build up your surveillance network with extra cams as needed.

DS-2CD2132 installation

Like many popular Hikvision CCTV cameras, this version is wired only – there’s no wireless.

Connect via Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) with a suitable PoE kit like the TP-LINK TL-POE200 and the camera is powered and moving data with one ethernet cable.

You can stream to a NAS or NVR. Storage-wise though, there is no micro SD card slot on the DS-2CD2132, so you can’t back up to a local option.

However, these Hikvision cameras tend to last for years, so build a good network and you should be good to go.

Search the obscure Hikvision product number databases and you can find versions with onboard storage and sound. Personally, I find all these daft naming conventions for IP cams a real headache.

Installation is more fiddly than a bullet cam, but if you can drill a hole and crimp and RJ45 cable, it’s a DIY job. The Hikvision comes with waterproofing noodle you add before crimping, and this seals your ethernet connection to the PoE pigtail – see here.

Since this dome IP cam only pivots on 2 axes, positioning can be tricky, although the newer version of the 2CD2132 has 3-axis pivoting. There are brackets available separately that can help. That said, it’s not difficult to install.


DS-2CD2132 integrates with your network easily

Low-light performance on these 3MP Hikvisions is decent. There are reports of image fogging and other distortions when the IR LEDs flare against the plastic dome housing. Just don’t expect a super crisp image on night vision mode. You may be better off with the bullet cam if image clarity at night is a priority.

Hikvision DS-2CD2132-I CCTV IP camHikvision software does the job. You have to assign a new IP using the included software. To access from outside your network, you’ll have to sort the port forwarding on your router too. The Hikvision software lets you set a NAS target but you may have to tweak your protocols of choice to get reliable recording.

As with lots of these Hikvision cameras, they work in an open ecosystem. So yes, you can stream video to NAS by different manufacturers, or use these CCTV cameras with different routers.

However, you will have to set everything up yourself, so it may take a few hours to tweak your setup to satisfaction.

A Hikvision DS-2CD2132 offers good value for money, can be used to create a fairly high-end security system in a home or small business, and it’s good fun hooking these PoE cams up.

You may want to check out the Hikvision re-badges from TRENDnet or Swann as you may prefer their bundled software options.


Technical data for DS-2CD2132

  • Image Sensor: 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Lens: 4mm @F2.0, angle of view: 75.8°; (2.8mm, 6mm, 12mm optional); M12 mount
  • Video: H.264/M-JPEG; Bit Rate: 32 Kbps~16Mbps; Max Image Resolution: 2048×1536; Frame Rate: 60Hz: 15fps (2048 x 1536), 30fps (1920 × 1080), 30fps (1280 x 720)
  • Network: storage to NAS; Alarm Triggers: Motion detection, tampering alarm, network disconnect, IP address conflict, storage full, storage error
  • Interface: 1 RJ45 10 M / 100 M Ethernet interface; Power Supply: 12 V DC ± 10%; PoE (802.3af); Power Consumption: Max. 5W (7W with ICR on)
  • IR Range: approx 10 to 30 meters
  • Dimensions: 111mm × 82 mm
  • Ingress protection: IP66 / IK10