Foscam FI8910W Review

7.1 Total Score
Foscam FI8910W Review Verdict

Cheap and cheerful indoor IP camera from a big name. Apps and robustness could be better, but buy a 3rd party app to control it and it'll work for years.

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  • Cheap
  • Wireless
  • Two-way audio


  • Can be a fuss to setup
  • Foscam apps are a bit naff
  • May need an extra app for control

The Foscam FI8910W is a cheap, popular indoor IP cam that makes a decent choice as a baby monitor. If you’re willing to accept the limitations of the FI8910W, it’ll serve you well as a indoor wireless camera.

FI8910W – Not Much Of A Looker

You’re probably looking at the Foscam FI8910W as your indoor IP cam because, on paper, it has a great feature list.

Pan and tilt – check. Two-way audio – check. Wireless – check. Night-vision with OK range – check.

Sure the resolution is meagre compared to the full HD options in 2015. But this is a camera for monitoring a room, or keeping an eye on the baby, rather than offering retinal scanning and nasal hair counts at a hundred paces.

Once setup, it will snap pictures on motion detection and forward them to your phone. You’ll need the Foscam camera app for that and, network conditions permitting, it works.

The FI8910W is damn ugly though. A lump of plastic with a chunky aerial sticking out the back. If you want something that screams, ‘indoor IP camera working here’ – you got it.

Painful setups on the Foscam FI8910W

If the words ‘configuration’ or ‘IP address’ or ‘port forwarding’ bring you out in a cold sweat, stop reading now.

Foscam haven’t exactly made it straightforward to set these cameras up, and the instructions are sometimes obscure. In brief:

  • Plug the power into the FI8910W, connect it via an ethernet cable to your router
  • Turn on the camera, find the IP address it gets assigned, type this into a browser, log into the camera with [ip-address]:80
  • From the camera page, you can set up wireless connectivity, assign it a port, update the firmware
  • Let the camera reboot, check you can access it over wireless, port forward on your router for access from the internet
  • Get a decent app for viewing and control, like Tinycam Monitor.
  • Phew. Give yourself a pat on the back.

The FI8910W ain’t plug and play. If you only want to view streams locally over your network, you can skip half the steps above. Lots of people DO want access to their IP cam from the internet, and it’s a faff to get working on the FI8910W.

The FI8910W does support streaming and storage to a network drive, but again it requires work. If you have a Synology NAS, it’s well supported in Surveillance Station.

In conclusion, if you know networking, take your time, and pay attention, the Foscam FI8910W is a great value indoor camera that ticks most boxes as a baby monitor, offering a substantial saving over the alternatives.

But if you want higher resolution, easier setup, and simpler Cloud recording, up your budget and get a fancier camera.

FI8910W Technical Specifications

Image Sensor : CMOS Sensor
Display Resolution : VGA 640480 Pixels (300k Pixels), QVGA 320240
Mini. Illumination : 0.5 Lux
Lens Type : f: 2.8mm, F:2.4 (IR Lens)
Infrared Light : 11 IR LEDs, Night Visibility up to 8 metres
Viewing Angle : 60 Degree
Audio (Input) : Built-in Microphone
Audio (Output) : Built-in Speaker,with audio jack
Image Compression : MJPEG
Image Frame Rate : 15fps(VGA), 30fps(QVGA)
Flip Mirror Images : Vertical / Horizontal
Light Frequency : 50Hz, 60Hz or Outdoor
Video Parameters : Brightness, Contrast
Ethernet : One 10/100Mbps RJ-45
Supported Protocol : HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, DHCP, PPPoE, DDNS, UPnP
Wireless Standard : IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wireless Data Rate : 802.11b: 11Mbps(Max.), 802.11g: 54Mbps(Max.), 802.11n:150Mbps(Max.)
Wireless Security : WEP, WPA, WPA2 Encryption
Pan/Tilt Angle : Horizontal: 300°, Vertical: 120°
Camera Dimensions (mm) : 117(L) x 114(W) x 129(H)
Power Supply : DC 5V/2.0A UK/EU Adapter
Power Cable Length : 1 Metre
Power Consumption : 5 Watts (Max.)
Operating Temperature : -20° ~ 55°C (-4°F ~ 131°F)
Operating Humidity : 20% ~ 85% non-condensing
PC Operating Systems : Windows, Mac
Phone Operating Systems : iOS, Android