Foscam FI8905W Review

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Foscam FI8905W Review Verdict

Lots of people choose this Foscam as a cheap outdoor Wifi IP camera, but the poor resolution and ropey software makes the Foscam FI8905W look a little long in the tooth.

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Our Foscam FI8905W Review runs through the main features of this popular outdoor cam from Foscam.

The price is cheap, but competition at this price-point in 2015 means it’s difficult to recommend a FI8905W over better specced rivals.

Foscam FI8905W Features

When the FI8905W was released nearly 4 years ago, the feature list was pretty appealing to the DIY surveillance market.

After years of wired cameras feeding DVR units, Foscam offered wireless as an alternative to a regular ethernet connection on their outdoor IP cameras.

What – Wifi on a camera outside the house? Wireless is common on IP cams both indoors and outdoors today, but in 2011 a Wifi option appealed to many home CCTV users.

Sadly, it’s now 2015 and Foscam are still churning out these FI8905W. So the resolution is a woeful 640×480 pixels. It’ll record an OK image, but with the likes of Hikvision producing IP cams with AT LEAST 1080P, the Foscam looks pretty puny.

Night-vision is passable, but forget about identifying a criminal in your garden at 3am. There’s no Pan-Tilt-Zoom, so think carefully about your positioning if you’re screwing this cam high up on a wall.

Foscam is one of the annoying manufacturers that oblige you to drill a massive hole to thread their power and ethernet connector through. You might be better off with a weatherproof junction box to house the connections, but it makes for a less-tidy install.


Foscam FI8905W – Software Rubbish As Usual

You can log into these Foscam IP cameras once you work out their IP address on your network.

The interface is passable, and firmware updates are a dog to do, but you can at least test your camera is working easily enough. Foscam lose points in our book for obliging you to register on their website to see the firmware downloads – here’s a direct link to avoid all the registration nonsense,

You can setup all the usual notifications via email and motion detection events on the Foscam FI8905W. The software interface is poor, the notifications don’t always work, and setting up remote access (i.e., access via the Internet) can be a pain for novice users.

That said, the Foscam FI8905W has been around for so long, there’s oodles of support information and forum posts about this IP camera. And you can use some third party options for control and recording, like Blue Iris, and Foscam doesn’t make you subscribe to a Cloud recording plan, so ongoing costs are minimal.

Should you buy the Foscam FI8905W?

Personally, I would skip the Foscam FI8905W and get a TRENDnet or Hikvision alternative. They cost a bit more, but the image and build quality are streets ahead of this ordinary Foscam offering.

However, you can get these Foscams for close to ¬£60 each, so if you’re only buying one IP camera and it’s mainly as a deterrent to intruders, the FI8905W is a serviceable option.

Foscam FI8905W Quick Start Manual