FLOUREON SP012 Wireless Indoor IP Camera Review

6.9 Total Score
Cheap and Cheerful Spinny Camera Goodness, Ideal As A Doggy Cam

Sub-£30 buys you all the right features, but image quality takes a hit, and notifications are a bit flakey.

User Rating: 2.51 (16 votes)

The Floureon SP012 is a re-badged Sricam SP012, and offers wireless indoor CCTV monitoring with Pan-and-Tilt included.

Best of all, you can pick these cameras up for peanuts now, albeit quite a lot peanuts. But can a sub-£30 wireless camera compete with the big boys like Nest?

Floureon SP012 indoor wireless IP camera

Floureon SP012 – all the right features

Perusing the feature-list on the box, the Floureon SP012 (or Sricam SP012 – same thing) sure has all the right features. It can handle 720p streams over Wifi. It can Pan-and-Tilt using the Sricam app. It offers alerts, and recording to either a smartphone via the app, or to an onboard microSD card. It does night-vision too, which in Scotland in Winter kicks in at about 3pm. And you can spook your pets with the 2-way audio.

The Floureon SP012 is not what you would call svelte. About the size of a tennis ball, it squats on a lumpy but sturdy base. Wifi reception was good over two floors in my house. The power cable is a bit short, but extension cables are cheap to buy. You can mount it on a wall too (bracket included), and the software allows for you to invert the image if needed. Built quality is solid. Nothing flashy, but not flimsy.

Floureon SP012 – setup is a Smooth Operator

You will be prompted to install the Sricam app from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store when you follow the setup instructions.

Plug the camera into you router using an ethernet cable, power up the unit, and reset the device using a paperclip in the base. The Floureon SP012 will do it’s thing for a few minutes. Then, open the Sricam app, create an account, and you’ll be able to see your camera. Scan the QR code on the device, login, change the password and you’re done. You can choose a wireless network, and unplug the ethernet cable. The Floureon SP012 will now stream video wirelessly to your phone.

The Sricam app is really, really, really OK. It’s like thick sliced white Sunblest bread – it does the job. You can view the stream, take snaps, yell at your kids through the microphone. Alarms and triggers can be set to ping your phone or send an email when motion is detected. I found the performance to be ropey at best. Alerts would not appear, and the app asks for a few too many personal details to setup email pings for my liking.

Remote viewing over 4G worked intermittently. I’m not 100% comfortable with my data streaming via unknown overseas servers either but hey, the Floureon SP012 is cheap enough for me to accept a minor privacy risk.  You can view the stream at home from a desktop app like VLC by pointing to rstp://[device-ip]/onvif1


Basic at best from the Floureon SP012

The picture quality from the SP012 is fairly atrocious. Colours are washed out, resolution is muddy. In good light and with low expectations, you will get decent images.

Floureon SP012 wireless indoor IP camera

Forget about mission critical applications though, like checking number plates or identifying suspects from a screen grab. The sensors and lens are just not good enough on the Floureon SP012.

However, I heartily recommend this little wireless camera if you want to keep an eye on pets when out of the house. It would serve as a cheap little baby monitor too, provided you don’t rely on the motion alerts to tell you there is a problem. The SP012 is a nice little introduction to what cheap wireless CCTV cameras can do these days. Provided you don’t expect too much, it offers peace of mind at a price that won’t break the bank.