Floureon CCTV – 4 cameras, 1200TVL, 1TB DVR, nice price

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Floureon CCTV offer 4 cams and 720P-ish image resolution

For less than £150, this Floureon CCTV kit uses some clever AHD cameras to squeeze a decent, budget picture into a economical, 4 cam + 1TB DVR unit package.

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The Floureon CCTV kits offer excellent value-for-money, with clever usage of Analog High Definition (AHD) tech to squeeze a 720p picture from the bundled cameras.

Floureon CCTV Value for Money

If you’re looking for a cheap CCTV camera system to protect your small business or home, the Floureon CCTV kit here is a great option.

New businesses in retail or with physical premises often have to fork out for a decent CCTV system to protect their store, but don’t have the funds to fork out thousands for a custom installation.

Likewise home owners want the advantages of a multi-camera CCTV system with local DVR storage but may balk at the high prices professional companies will charge for a domestic installation.

The Floureon CCTV kits are one example from a number of CCTV suppliers offering budget surveillance camera systems.

The Floureon system here packs in a DVR with 1TB of storage included, enough for several weeks of video footage. This kit is bundled with FOUR AHD CCTV cameras and the analog + power cables needed to stream your signal back to the DVR.

Floureon CCTV includes

To view your footage, you will need to connect the DVR back to a monitor using either VGA or an HDMI cable. If you’re looking to install this in a shop, an old computer monitor makes an ideal always-on view screen, and can be picked up for pennies on Gumtree.

Likewise if the Floureon CCTV is for at home, you can either connect it to your TV (a risk if a thief breaks-in, as they can nick your DVR too) or squirrel it away in a cupboard – once setup, you can run the DVR as a headless unit, and disconnect the monitor.

Floureon CCTV Technology

So this Floureon CCTV kit including the four cameras and DVR comes in at less than £150.00

If you’ve seen the prices on the decent Hikvision cameras, it still doesn’t seem possible that a manufacturer can offer 4 cams and the recorder for so little.

So how does Floureon do it?

These cameras are based on older tech, hence the low price. Even though the image quality is equivalent to a 720p picture, these are analog cams sending signals along a good old-fashioned coaxial cable.

The Floureon CCTV units are shipping with 1200TVL or TV line cameras. Whilst not digital, these cameras produce a widescreen HD image that is comparable to a proper 720p IP cam.

Floureon CCTV 1200tVL example

Colour reproduction will be off, and zoom in on a picture and you will see the image quality suffer on these Fluoreon CCTV cameras compared to decent digital cams. However most of the features found on IP cams are present here: motion detection, image snapshots sent to an email address (once the DVR is connected to your router) and continuous recording.

Reliability isn’t comparable to a Nest Cam, so if Cloud recording is essential to you, and you’re prepared to pay a hefty subscription fee for the privilege, look elsewhere to the Floureon CCTV.

But for less than £150, you get four cameras, 720p-ish images, a DVR with 1TB storage, and more money to put into other aspects of your security / insurance.

Floureon CCTV Competition

The Floureon CCTV kit is really going to be a great option for small businesses looking for 4x cameras and an all inclusive DVR package.

Likewise home users can cover lots of angles around a property for a reasonable price. Annke and Saance offer similar AHD cameras for a comparable price. They also offer PoE alternatives, but the difference in image quality is probably only marginal, and the IP technology offers little over traditional coaxial plus DVR alternatives

If you have the cash to splash, the Floureon CCTV is definitely an economy choice, and there are much more powerful options out there.

Go for 3.0MP Hikvision IP cams costing about £100 a piece, a POE-switch setting you back another £40, and an NVR plus 1TB adding another £100-plus – and that’s before buying cabling – the high quality alternative to this Floureon CCTV will cost about £600.

Everyone has slightly different requirements with a CCTV system. Your Floureon CCTV kits have plenty going for them, and a lot of satisfied users, so if you don’t need advanced IP cams, super-resolutions and fancy, 100%-reliable Cloud recording backups, consider a Floureon system.