D-Link DCS-933L – Simple Starter Camera for Home CCTV


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D-Link DCS-933L Review Verdict

Cheap and cheerful wireless IP cam from a reputable company with apps - a perfectly OK starter indoor CCTV option

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The D-Link DCS-933L is a decent choice if you want a simple home monitoring solution. Good software and setup options though are marred by the disappointing specs on this starter IP camera from D-Link.

The DCS-933L is a wireless home CCTV camera designed to be used indoors, and I think the setup is fairly painless.

The build quality is OK. The D-Link DCS-933L comes with an adjustable stand. This is very useful for framing the area you want to monitor with your security camera.

However it is flimsy. I can’t see the DCS-933L lasting long if you have boisterous kids or a bouncing dog.

Unlike the similar Belkin Netcam though, there is no bracket included for wall-mounting.

Image resolution is a competent 640×480 pixels. This is not as high as rival cameras and this is reflected in the price point. However the image quality is sufficient for monitoring a normally lit, UK home.

Step up in the D-Link range to the DCS-935L and you get 720p.


How will you use your D-Link DCS-933L?

The D-Link DCS-933L is designed as a simple home monitoring device. It has motion detection, so you can receive notifications to the app when an object crosses the camera’s field of view. There is also a microphone, so you can listen to sounds beside the camera.

I think this indoor IP camera is aimed at domestic users needing to keep an eye on a loved one. You could set it up to watch a room at a home to keep an eye on a pet like a dog or cat. As a parent, I could see the Belkin Netcam in a child’s room as a baby monitor. Or if you have an elderly family member, this little D-Link DCS-933L could be a real lifesaver to make sure they are OK.

The D-Link DCS-933L does have night vision features, and claims an 8m range. It can be used in dark rooms but I can’t recommend it for serious surveillance. The image quality will be reduced and you should consider paying more for betters IR LEDs and camera sensors.

Setup and apps

Where many IP cameras trip up the average UK user is during setup. It can be very frustrating when a piece of technology does everything it can to make you hate it out of the box.

If you want a straightforward CCTV home security system setup consider the following.

Firstly, D-Link have great support videos and lots of device information for their home CCTV on their website. Personally, I’d rather have all the info about my IP camera available, rather than a simplified FAQ missing what I need.

Secondly, you will can use a wired connection to setup the D-Link DCS-933L. I think this is good – it removes the uncertainty of Wifi and wireless passwords from the startup equation.

Thirdly, D-Link let you setup the DCS-933L without the MyDLink software if you want to. You can even use WPS to link the camera to your router and connect directly using an IP address.

If this make no sense, don’t worry. The MyDLink app and included software make it easy to setup your new DCS-933L camera. You have alternative ways to troubleshoot the camera too, unlike comparable Belkin Netcams.

With this D-Link DCS-933L you do sacrifice some of the whizz-bang features found in more sophisticated home CCTV security systems. The advantage is you have a much easier IP camera to manage.