D-Link DCS-5222L Let’s You Do CCTV Spooks Style

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D-Link DCS-5222L Review Verdict

Pan-Tilt-Zoom is a winning feature, and D-Link haven't scrimped on the other specs either.

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The D-Link DCS-5222L gives you a 720P CCTV camera with 802.11n wireless connectivity and Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) ability.

Anybody fancy some awesome video surveillance Spooks-style for their home?

DLink make some decent network cameras. I quite liked the software features behind the D-Link DCS-825L baby monitor and the D-Link DCS-933L starter camera, even if the camera specification didn’t exactly raise my pulse.

DCS-5222L PTZ Feature Is Nice

Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ is a handy feature to support your IP surveillance solution.

It refers to controlling camera movements remotely using motors in the IP camera housing. Install your D-Link DCS-5222L software, login to your camera and you can move the camera around.

Most home CCTV cameras will have a fixed field of view. As a surveillance option indoors or out, this is fine if your camera sees everything you want it to see.

However if you want to capture surveillance video of a large monitored area, consider a PTZ camera like this DLink DCS-5222L.

Applications a home user might consider include monitoring an elderly relative in their home. It may sound odd or intrusive, but care cameras can help the elderly keep their independence. A camera with PTZ can be moved to sweep a wide area, including the floor in case of a fall.

You need your relative’s permission, naturally. With the two-way audio, PTZ and HD resolution, the D-Link DCS-5222L/B is a almost as good as being in the room.

I can see a home monitoring solution like these PTZ DCS-5222L/B cameras serving as peace of mind if you need to keep an eye on a loved one but can’t be there 24hrs a day.

D-Link DCS-5222L Impresses With Solid Specs

Watch out if you do buy a D-Link DCS-5222L. Make sure you get hardware revision B or product code DCS-5222L/B to get 2-way audio and decent IR LEDs. The older revision is missing these goodies and some stores are still flogging them.

Aside from the PTZ feature, the DCS-5222L/B sports 1280×720 pixel recording, night surveillance video support with the infra-red LEDs, and the microphone and speaker for listening AND communicating.

It is a wifi camera, but you can wired with the ethernet connection. This is useful on an IP surveillance solution, but without PoE support, the DLink DCS-5222L does need a power cable connection to operate.

You also get a MicroSD slot on the camera, so you can backup surveillance video and CCTV stills to the card – a bit like a local DVR drive. Update the DCS-5222L firmware first and you’ll get 32GB support.

You can set the DCS-5222L to sweep an area repeatedly, and the D-Link software allows for the usual motion detection and alerts seen on cheaper cameras.

What can’t the D-Link DCS-5222L handle?

Screen capture from DLink DCS-5222L IP surveillance camera While the DLink DCS-5222L does record 720p, the camera could do with a better quality sensor.

The footage is decent, but a slight muddiness and video encoding oddness means you can get a crisper picture from a different home CCTV system.

Foscam do some nice PTZ cameras in the same price bracket.

D-Link give you iOS and android apps to control basic features in their IP cameras. However the don’t let you control this PTZ DCS-5222L or DCS-5222L/B with the app.

I want to be spoilt. Let me loaf on the sofa and run a monitor sweep with my DCS-5222L cameras with my phone like a CCTV King.