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Logitech Circle Review

Logitech Circle Review

Does the Logitech Circle innovate or complicate with it's take on indoor wireless security camera design? Out of the box, you know Logitech are pitching for the Apple-Crowd here. Fancy packaging, little messages printed on the inserts and minimalist instructions all point towards the fancy-pants end of home CCTV. ...


D-Link DCS-932L Review

D-Link DCS-932L Review

The D-Link DCS-932L is cheap, wireless, and has a low, but serviceable, image resolution. It doesn't look very exciting, the apps and software just work, and there are no fancy monthly subscriptions to make remote access really, really simple. For any one of these reasons, many buyers looking for an indoor home ...

Foscam C1 Setup and Instructions

Foscam C1 Setup and Instructions

Setting up the Foscam C1 indoor IP camera was not difficult to do. I'll run through the main screens and point out any useful information. I got a Foscam C1 from in October 2015, and it shipped with latest system and application firmware. These Foscams rely upon a plugin to access via the web, so if ...


Kare CCTV Review

-40% Kare CCTV Review

Get a Kare CCTV and forget about the more expensive surveillance options. Decent picture, professional-looking cameras, and a 1TB DVR unit bundled for less than £180. Kare CCTV - Cheap as Chips Let's not beat around the bush - this Kare CCTV is cheap. The build quality is OK, the DVR quality is OK, and the image ...

179.99 299.99

Foscam FI8910W Review

-23% Foscam FI8910W Review

Cheap Wireless Two-way audio Can be a fuss to setup Foscam apps are a bit naff May need an extra app for control The Foscam FI8910W is a cheap, popular indoor IP cam that makes a decent choice as a baby monitor. If you're willing to accept the limitations of the FI8910W, it'll serve you ...

£54.00 £69.99

Foscam C1 Review

-14% Foscam C1 Review

Very easy to setup Micro USB power port Record to onboard micro SD card Recording to Foscam Cloud a bit hit and miss Resolution not full HD / 1080p Foscam support could be better Will our Foscam C1 review convince you to buy this instead of a Nest Cam? Foscam C1 Review : Features Foscam ...

£51.60 £59.99