Best Cheap CCTV Systems 2015

Looking for the best cheap CCTV systems for your home?

Don’t want to fork out serious cash for fancy IP cams and an expensive NVR to go with it?

We’ve reviewed fantastic budget CCTV kits from brands you might not have heard of. And they really offer amazing value for money.

Fancy a home CCTV system sporting HD resolutions, Power-Over-Ethernet and remote viewing? These features are normally found on much more expensive cameras.

If you’re a homeowner or small business looking to protect your property on a budget, read on for our Top 3 Cheap CCTV Systems For 2015.

Why not set up your own home surveillance system with prices this cheap?

The Top 3 Cheap CCTV Systems

Annke 4CH 720P PoE NVR HD Camera System

Annke 720p IP camFirst up is this super cheap CCTV kit from Annke, with four-channels, 720p, and P0E. Annke have packed a home CCTV system with high-end features normally reserved for Hikvision and TRENDnet IP cams.

And then they chucked in a 1TB NVR too. Blimey.

How does Annke do it? The margins on these all-in-one home surveillance kits must be tiny.

You’re getting four weatherproof cameras in the box. You could spend more on a single dome camera than everything Annke CCTV kit offers here. These IP cams are Power-Over-Ethernet ready, so it only takes a single ethernet cable back to the NVR to power this hardware.

Yep, these cameras can do 720P video at 30fps, and the resolution is superb. Annke included night-vision LEDs on the cameras too. To erally take advantage of these cams in low-light though, consider an external IR LED array to boost the range.

Stick an ethernet cable in the back, plug the other end into the NVR unit, and you’re good to go. Annke ships their network video recorder with a massive 1TB device. How much video can this store? Well, I calculate you can fit abouta month of capture on an Annke NVR likis size.

And if you choose capture only on motion detection, you can fit even more footage on.

This Annke CCTV system is great value, has remote viewing options and is an easy install with the POE feature.

Watch out Annke – Zmodo CCTV kits are matching your features, spec for spec!

Zmodo 4CH 720P PoE NVR HD Security Camera System

Zmodo 4CH 720P PoE NVR HD Security Camera SystemNext up, is another superb budget system from a company called Zmodo.

There’s not much to separate the Zmodo CCTV kit from the Annke recommended above. Again, your kit comes with four 720p POE cameras. A few years, ago Power-Over-Ethernet was a real prosumer feature. The technology has dribbled down, and it makes a huge difference when installing.

You might be wondering why the Zmodo doesn’t offer wireless on it’s IP cams. To be honest, streaming HD video data all day long really deserves a wired connection. No interference, no drop-outs. Your Zmodo CCTV kit is a dedicated, wired surveillance system. Much better for system reliability.

Once again, Zmodo have packed a 1TB hard drive into their NVR unit. I think this is a sensible capacity, and strikes a balance between capacity and price.

When the drive is full, video data overwrites the older recordings – easy!

Everything with a Zmodo surveillance kit works together out of the box. For home users, the local storage to the NVR is fantastic. And you won’t get hit with any nasty internet bills when you realise your CCTV system uploaded 200GB of data to the Cloud in a weekend.

But who wants an even CHEAPER home CCTV solution?

Sannce 8CH 960H CCTV DVR Recorder 1000GB HDD

sannce-cameraOK, this is getting silly now. Four CCTV cameras, a 1TB NVR unit, all the cables you need?

And a third cheaper than the Annke or Zmodo above?

If you prize value over specifications, this Sannce 960TVL 8ch CCTV kit takes the biscuit. The cameras are based on older technology. Don’t fret – you can tell your neighbours that these cams do better than 720p resolution!

Sannce CCTV kits drop Power-Over-Ethernet. You still get video cables and a power cable for your FOUR cameras (yes, FOUR). The cable length is massive too, so you will reach wherever your 1TB NVR recorder lives.

Picture quality on the Sannce CCTV easily matches the Zmodo and Annke video capture. Important surveillance features like motion detection and email alerts are included. Oh, and remote viewing.

But the price on these Sannce units is silly! You’ll have your whole property and then some covered. Will the neighbours now the difference between Sannce and a high-end system?

More importantly, will a burglar realise when they see these surveillance cameras  on a wall?

No way. For the price, these budget CCTV systems knock the socks off more expensive alternatives.