Best CCTV Camera for Home Security 2017

Looking for the best CCTV camera for home security 2017? Check out my quick guide to a selection of top CCTV cameras available for 2017.

This is an update on our popular guide to CCTV cameras 2016. We’ve got some new entries into this year’s version, as several high-end technology companies are muscling for attention in the growing home security.

The popularity of home CCTV cameras is partly being driven by the Internet of Things – think Internet-connected heating systems, Phillips Hue lighting, Amazon Echo and the like. In a sense, the home CCTV market has fragmented more this year, with more cameras, more designs and more added features. Albeit, some of these features aren’t exactly hugely useful – air quality monitoring anyone?

If you’re looking to beef up your external home monitoring, keep an eye on a property when you’re on holiday, or wanting peace of mind with a vulnerable relative, take a gander at the CCTV selection below.

Best CCTV camera for home security 2017 caveat

One caveat with the guide: Whilst the CCTV cameras listed below have fantastic designs and top features, they can’t beat All-in-One camera kits for value. For the price of ONE posh CCTV camera, you can buy a full set of four or even EIGHT HD CCTV cameras with a bundled DVR recorder. Options from Saance, Floureon, Kare and Annke absolutely TRUMP the pricier options below for good value, and can over 720p recording or better.

Best full wireless indoor CCTV camera: the Logi Circle

Logi Circle Wi-Fi Portable Video Monitoring Camera, Best CCTV Camera 2017

The Logi Circle is a svelte golf ball-sized wireless CCTV wonder. With a clever magentic base and detachable, battery-powered security camera body, the Logi Circle is a quirky, functional CCTV camera.

And it is probably my favourite little home IP camera reviewed in the last year.

The image quality is good from the wide-angle lens, the software and Logi Circle apps are tidy and efficient, and the build quality on the units is impressive.
The battery back-up is a bonus rather than a core feature. But it will let you move this little CCTV camera wherever you want (within range of your Wifi signal) and monitor any area in your home with ease.

Best outdoor waterproof wireless CCTV camera: Netgear Arlo

The Netgear Arlo has been around for a few years now. Netgear have provided good support for these novel outdoor CCTV cameras, and expanded the range. Unfortunately, they haven’t reduced the price, so these Arlo cameras are still at the high-end of the home security camera market.

What you get with a Netgear Arlo system is a dedicated wireless hub for multiple, battery operated CCTV cameras. Unlike the Logitech Circle, these Arlo cameras can run for months on a single pair of batteries.

The units are waterproof, and the range of creative magnetic mounts from Netgear mean that you can move these cameras around your property to monitor different areas as necessary.
The Arlo ecosystem is mature and reliable. If you don’t want to faff around drilling holes through walls and routing cables, the Arlo is a proper wireless home monitoring solution.

And I think I’m going to lay my hands next on the Arlo Pro, which features rechargeable CCTV camera units and local storage to the base station.

Smartest indoor home CCTV camera: Canary

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device, Best CCTV Camera

The best CCTV camera with additional home monitoring functions is probably the Canary.

With motion detection and the usual home CCTV cameras, the Canary stands out for it’s air quality monitor and on-board siren for scaring the higgeebies out of your pets / family / home invaders.

The Canary design is wonderfully unobtrusive, and is one of the few home CCTV cameras that doesn’t obviously look like a security camera.

Although not especially cheap, the Canary is recommended as plush gift for a technophobe given the ultra-easy setup, or if you want to monitor an area inside your house without drawing attention to the camera.

Nest (indoor + outdoor)

Nest Cam front view

Nest is synonymous with smart home devices like their thermostats, and their cameras aren’t bad either.

Elegant design and powerful Cloud recording and playback options will appeal to home security self-installers looking for the best CCTV camera ecosystem with minimal management needs. Nest’s online offering is superlative, provided you have a reliable internet connection across your home.

However, industry-leading Cloud storage for Nest cams requires a rolling subscription. For many Nest owners though, the cost is out-weighed by the ability to set-and-forget. There’s no NAS storage to manage, and no surveillance software to manage. Nest cameras can be added to the expand to your home security needs, so if you want one app for all your indoor and outdoor cameras, you can do a lot worse than a Nest system.

Problem is, if you are securing outdoor areas, you can buy a nice 4-channel Sannce CCTV system with four 1080P cameras and a 1TB video recorder for the price of a Nest cam with 1-year of Cloud storage. Ouch.

Best design for a stealth outdoor CCTV camera: Netatmo Presence

Netatmo Presence Outdoor Security Camera

Fancy the best CCTV camera for your home that doesn’t scream ‘I’m a CCTV camera’? Consider the Netatmo Presence.

Whilst some people want to have their home security to act as a deterrent, and to look as conspicuous as possible, there are times you may want discretion. The Netatmo Presence works like a conventional motion-activated floodlight at night.

However with onboard wifi, a 4MP sensor and 1080p video recording to onboard storage or various Cloud options, the Netatmo Presence also acts as a 24-hour surveillance device. You can set motion-activated times and zones, get alerts sent to your mobile phone when events are detected, and view activity live through the app.

The Netatmo Presence is a subtle blend of a floodlight plus home CCTV camera, and is a great choice when a dome or bullet camera is going to draw too much attention.

Best cheap indoor CCTV cameras: Vstarcam 1280 x 720p, D-Link DCS-932L

Vstarcam h.264 720p Wireless IP camera

In the sub-£50 price bracket, its difficult to choose the absolute best CCTV camera for 2017.

Most budget indoor cameras now do wireless connectivity, at least 720p recording to onboard storage, will have an app to receive motion alerts and will usually offer two-way audio.

Honorable mentions go to the Vstarcam 720p which also includes Pan-and Tilt. Setup is easy enough, although it does need to be re-booted every once in a while..

The ever popular DLink Dcs-932L also ticks a lot of boxes, and there are lots of resources on the D-Link website to help you get setup. Recording on the DCS-932L does involve some work, a PC as a storage target, or a NAS – this is too much work for many people.

I like the Foscam C1 too, which is very similar to the Zmodo Pivot, and usually costs less than £40.

Top value CCTV camera home security kits: Sannce 8-channel, Kare 1080N

Kare 8-Chanel home CCTV camera system

I prefaced this review of the best CCTV cameras for home security in 2017 with a caveat. Don’t forget the assortment of All-in-One CCTV camera systems that can offer excellent value for money.

For under £200 you could buy an 8-channel Sannce CCTV system with EIGHT 720p cameras and a DVR – pop in a hard drive and you have a pretty extensive home security system. Kare do their own version too, and there are lots of other four camera variants if you don’t need as many cams.

The trick is to buy a CCTV camera that best suits your purposes. To keep an eye on a room or pet when you’re out of the house, a budget wireless camera will be fine.

If you’re looking to secure the perimeter of a property and deter crime, these multiple camera systems are really effective.

Or if you’re looking to invest in high quality home monitoring with Cloud storage and easy setup, look to the likes of the Logi Circle, Nest and Netgear Arlo.