Belkin Netcam Review – HD and easy to use

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Belkin Netcam Review - HD Version

Solid specs for an indoor wireless IP camera from a reliable manufacturer, although you could get more for your money with another cam

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The Belkin Netcam HD is a beefed up version of the lower-end Belkin Netcam.

Also known as Netcam model F7D7602, the HD stands for ‘High Definition’. This means that the Belkin Netcam HD records better quality images than it’s little brother.

The 720p may seem meagre in comparison to the 1080p offered by the Nest Cam. But when you’re viewing your video at 1280×720, most home users will probably get used to slightly smaller image.

Higher resolutions in CCTV cameras allow you to see more details in comparable images. Why does this matter?

Belkin Netcam HD front and rear view

Belking Netcam Review Like For The HD

Well, if you’re trying to recognise a face from a CCTV video still, higher resolution pictures make this easier.

Or if you want to use your Belkin Netcam HD to record birds and animals visiting a feeder out the window, higher resolution video will let you see more details.

The optics in the Belkin Netcam HD, including the image sensor, are much better than the alternative from Belkin. It is a worthwhile upgrade, and the high definition resolution will make for a more enjoyable home CCTV camera experience.

If you’ve ever used a low resolution digital stills camera, you will know what I mean.


Netcam HD F7D7602 Is Easy To Use

Our previous Belkin Netcam review liked the great feature set seen at the lower end in the Netcam range.

You get a wireless home CCTV camera which is easy to setup. This is thanks to Belkin’s networking expertise, and the simple to use apps that are designed to work with the Netcam products.

Flick a switch on the camera and enter setup mode. Download the Belkin Netcam app, connect to the Netcam’s wifi signal, and you can log into your camera.

You can monitor your home security camera feed live, and listen using the Netcam’s onboard microphone.

Styling is very similar to the vanilla Belkin Netcam, with the HD model getting a slightly sleeker profile. The camera comes with a stand which simplifies positioning and adjusting the picture view.

The Belkin software and secure login procedure creates a safe environment for viewing video. The wireless signal is encrypted, so only a person with the app password can view the video stream.

Secure Your Belkin Netcam

Some home CCTV kits including baby monitors have come under fire recently. Unsecured logins meant hackers could watch the video stream. Belkin has this covered with the secure login and added protection of apps only you can access.

The security of your own home CCTV system is an important consideration. Simple to use home CCTV kits like the Belkin Netcam HD make it easier to secure your home monitoring network.

You must remember to change the passwords that come with the device though. Fail to do this and you leave a backdoor open to your home CCTV network.

We much prefer the Belkin Netcam HD model to it’s lower resolution sibling. If you can afford the extra expense, get the higher definition CCTV model – you are future-proofing your technology purchase.