Belkin Netcam Review – OK And Not Much Else

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Belkin Netcam Review - Non-HD Version

If price and a known brand name are all that matters to you, then maybe the Belkin Netcam will do - otherwise, steer clear.

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  • Setup is easy
  • Wireless
  • OK features


  • Resolution poor
  • Specs poor
  • Much better value alternatives

Why do Belkin still make and market their Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK?

The answer is probably because it is still a profitable product. Yet the specification of this home CCTV camera are so pedestrian, so ordinary.

The low price point will always appeal to buyers. For £59.99 RRP, you get wireless connectivity on this IP camera, a night vision feature, and an uninspiring 640×480 pixel resolution.

Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK Is A Digestive

A Belkin Netcam is like a Digestive biscuit – it does the job. There will be some people who love this model, much like a Digestive biscuit. They will not be lured by fancier features. Simplicity will suffice.


Belkin make a big deal out of how easy this IP camera is to operate. Setup on the Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK is a pleasant enough experience. The camera is wireless and there is an option to use an ethernet cable. However you must use Wifi to setup your Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK to start with.

If you’re wireless connection is solid and you have an iOS or android app, then you are good to go. Being forced to setup using a phone does make me uncomfortable. As it appeals to the low-end of the home CCTV market, Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK users may not have access to the required app.

Once setup, the Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK apps are good enough to work the camera. You can preview your stream and setup motion alerts to an email address.

The Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK has a microphone too, and you can turn this on through the app. Note that audio is input only, so there is no yelling at would-be burglars in your home through a speaker.

Remote viewing is via a Belkin account you setup via the app. Remote viewing means that when away from home, you can login and watch your Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK feed.

Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK Is Easy To Use

Once setup, you can then use any web browser to login and watch your IP camera.

Why Belkin don’t let you perform the initial setup with a desktop or laptop, I don’t know.

You can record your feed, turn the camera off and adjust resolution settings. Would you want the Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK to record any less than 640×480 pixels? The resolution is low enough already, and I can’t recommend this IP camera if you need to identify a target or read a numberplate.

I can really see the Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK being useful as a simple motion detector. Set it to stills mode, and you will get an alert. You are forced to rely on Belkin’s software though. If you can’t get the motion sensitivity right, there are no third-party software options that I know of.

The Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK would serve as a pet cam or too. Need to keep an eye on a sick dog? Want to check in on the cat when you’re at work? This home CCTV is a cheap and cheerful solution.

However, the Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK has poor specifications for the price. Being tied to Belkin’s software means a real headache if you want to tinker with the camera settings. There is also the worry that should Belkin turn off their servers, you lose remote viewing on your Belkin Netcam F7D7601UK.