About Top CCTV Cameras

TopCCTVCameras.co.uk reviews home CCTV camera systems and IP camera kits aimed at UK homeowners.

I’m CCTV Simon – not my real name! I find that lots of CCTV camera information on the internet is aimed at specialists and CCTV installation companies.

Being a bit of tech-head, friends and family we’re coming to me asking about these IP camera and home CCTV camera thingies they heard I had at home. What was clear to me was that some people just want simple reviews of consumer CCTV cameras. Some people want simple, impartial advice that will help them choose a decent home monitoring.

IP cameras and netcams are a relatively new technology to the consumer market. Many UK businesses look for high-end networked camera system to protect their property. What I’m interested in reviewing great CCTV cameras that normal people can buy and install in their own home.

You might be concerned about crime and burglary in your area. You might have a vacant property or holiday home you want to monitor. Or you might need a simple IP camera to monitor inside your house.

Either way, I try and review what I think are the best featured, easiest to use, and best value CCTV cameras for use indoors and outdoors in the average UK home.

All the reviews and information on this site are based on my personal experience and reviews from other enthusiast who have shared their opinions on IP cameras.

The information is unbiased – I don’t sell CCTV camera systems. Nor am I employed by a CCTV camera or IP camera manufacturer or industry company.

I try to weigh up what I think are the most important CCTV camera features. I try not to get too bogged down in all the very detailed specs for each IP camera.

Instead, I’m offering a summary of the key benefits for each CCTV device. I try not to overwhelm you with too much information, and try to help you choose the best CCTV camera for your situation.